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About Le Marche


Le Marche (The Marches)

Le Marche is a piece of untouched Italy that is not and probably never will be overrun by mass tourism. Here you can find all the ingredients for a relaxing and unforgettable Italian holiday: peace, quiet, authentic villages, nature, hospitality, sea, mountains, hills, affordable coffee and of course excellent food and delicious wines.

Many people say that Le Marche has all the beauty of Italy in one region: the sea, the hills and the mountains where you can even ski in the winter. They make wonderful wines, delicious cheeses and meats, the region has a high density of theaters and museums. Actually, each village is in itself a museum where it feels like you are stepping back in time.

From museum to local festa

Are you interested in the history and culture of the region? Then we can point out the best museums, but you shouldn’t miss the quaint villages and towns nearby where you can experience the culture firsthand and architecture can be admired. Urbino should be top of your list. Furthermore, we of course know where the best village festivals are going on!


Do you like wine? Red or white, it does not matter, you can anyway indulge yourself in Le Marche and all the way into the area where B & B Terra Mossa is in. We reveal to you the best preserved (wine) secrets of the region.

Tutti a tavola

And Italian cuisine, do you also like that? That’s good, because the local cuisine is very diverse: from freshly caught fish and mussels (Portonovo) at the coast to hearty pasta and meat dishes up in the hills and mountains.

The great outdoors

And finally, there is no denying that Le Marche’s nature is stunning. We have detailed maps which will guide you through the Regional Park Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi. It’s nice to drive through the park by car, but you should also try one of the many hiking trails through the forests, mountains and valleys.
And if you don’t mind to drive for about two hours, then a visit to the Sibillini mountains and the area around Castelluccio is highly recommended, especially from mid-June when the lentils are flowering.

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