About us

We are Mark Vieregge and Annemarie Homan. Mark (1972) and Annemarie (1972) met in the middle of the country where they both sang at a student choir in Utrecht. Mark studied social economy at the university of the same city and Annemarie studied mass media psychology. After completion of the studies the travel bug hit and for six months they went backpacking through South-East Asia. During the following years more countries were added. The main drive for all these trips was to explore and experience other cultures.
After a good couple of years of working for several employees, the dream of doing ‘something else, somewhere else’ grew stronger and stronger. But what, and where and how? It would be so nice to live in another country for longer than just a holiday and really experience another culture. Every time the topic came to mind the conclusion would be: a guesthouse, a restaurant, a B&B …

In July 2007 we discovered, with the help of a Dutch broker, this house on the hill (about 450m.) in Italy, near the town of Poggio San Marcello (AN), and in December 2007 it was ours! In the course of 2008 it was rebuilt into a groundfloor appartment for us and three guest rooms, each with a private bathroom for the bed & breakfast on the upper floor.
The ground floor originally consisted of a garage, a stalla (room with built-in rabbit hutches), a workshop and a cantina (wine cellar) where the owner made his own wine. The garage is now a large kitchen, the stalla has become a nice living room, the workshop was turned into a huge bathroom and the former cantina is where we now sleep.

The high location of the house gives us a spectacular view from east to west, looking over large part of Le Marche, to the north to the Adriatic sea and due south to the beautiful Apennine mountainrange, as far as the Abruzzo region. It stands right at the heart of the region where the wonderful white wine Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is produced.
March 6, 2009 was the great day of departure. Along with our two cats we went to Poggio San Marcello. In late April of 2009, our household was extended with our beautiful Bernese Mountaindog called Lola.